nedelja, 09. junij 2013

Abandoned Mansion in the forest

The weather is still acting funny and I've been busy lately, but today I finally took some pictures.

The front gate.

The side gate.

Under a tree, nearby the road.

View from a far. 

There was a very big bamboo forest nearby.

First view of the Mansion up close.

The sound of crows was unsettling.

A lot of stones like this were around. Everything was done with precision.

A chimney fell off the roof.

The front door.

The back door, which was surprisingly open.

Up a few steps and I'm welcomed by this lovely view.

Very large fungi growing on the wall.

Some medical files on the floor.

There was a massive amount of rooms inside, but everything looked in very bad shape.

There were some creepy sounds coming from the dark basement. Still went downstairs.

These were pictures with flash, believe me it was a dark basement.

These guys were chilling in the attic.

I woke some of them up, accidentally.

This case was on the roof. There were some medical vials in it.

There were a lot of them in this box.

And yes, of course I went to the tower.

The inside of this tower was absolutely beautiful.

 My favorite for last, as always. :)

This neo-Islamic mansion is really a one of a kind piece. I usually like old and abandoned places, this is the first one I would really like to see in its prime. It's a real shame it's not being better looked after.

Clement Mumbles