sobota, 06. julij 2013

Ruin with a view

I was on vacation when I accidentally stumbled upon this lovely restaurant.  Equipped only with my phone camera, but I think I still managed to capture some nice pics. 

Saw this strange looking structure in the blistering sun.

The entrance kind of reminds me of the Jurassic Park building.

The entrance was locked so I went round back.

There was no fence out back and no locked gates. But I did find this lovely terrace.

A bar maybe?

I presume this was the terrace stage.

The place was quite big, rooms were everywhere.

Another large place/terrace on the other side of the locked front gate.

Another bar. Broken mirrors everywhere, somebody is going to have a lot of misfortune in their life. 

Behind the bar was probably the kitchen.

A view from the bar.

Delivery bay.

Behind these bushes the path takes us outside again.

A Giant gazebo with a small DJ stage on the side. 

Oh, did I mention that the whole complex is sitting on top of a "cliff" and has an amazing view of the ocean.
Somebody dragged this piece of an old armchair here to enjoy it. 
So did I, enjoy the view I mean. Couldn't find another armchair :D

Clement Mumbles