četrtek, 28. marec 2013

The four elements

This building has been through hell. I still remember watching from our flat window as a young boy, that thick black smoke that filled the blue sky. The firetruck sirens roaring through the town. People running towards it, to see what is going on. As I recall the building was abandoned before the fire. 





My favorite for last.

I would say the building endured the four elements as best as it could. But mother nature moves on.
Clement Mumbles

ponedeljek, 25. marec 2013

What goes up, must... be an elevator

As I was walking down the hall, I heard a door making noises, because of the wind. Previously the door was locked, but today something in my mind said: "check it out". To my surprise the door was left unlocked. I went inside, and the door slammed shut behind me (for a moment I got scared of being locked in, fortunately I was not). I walked into the old elevator engine room (or so I think). The glass in the windows was rattling due to heavy wind. I grabbed my mobile phone and took these three photos. I hurried back, because it was cold, and I didn't want to get locked in. This is a part of the same building where the pictures of First Steps were taken.

Clement Mumbles

sobota, 16. marec 2013


I've been around these 4 houses as a child, and even back then they were fascinating to me. I really liked playing hide and seek here. These houses were already empty back then. I think the residents either passed away or they moved into the city, because this is a very remote village.

This one was bigger back then, it was demolished due to safety reasons.

Very rotten balcony.

Have in mind, I never move any objects when I take these photos.

And as always my favorite pic for last. 

Clement Mumbles

četrtek, 07. marec 2013

En route...

I drive past this building almost every day. Never took the time to check it out, now I finally did. I think this building is a part of an industrial rail track, not really sure. 

First look.

Around the back.

 Collapsed ceiling.

A strange place for a balcony.

My favorite of the bunch   :)

Got to love those movie scene moments. Everything is quiet, than suddenly a loud noise. You turn around and it's just birds. I admit, I was scared for a moment there. :) 

Clement Mumbles

sobota, 02. marec 2013

Out with the old...

"Nothing was more up-to-date when it was built, 
or is more obsolete today, than the railroad station."
Ada Louise Huxtable

I heard they might demolish or renew the old railroad garage. 
So I rushed to take some pictures of it. I was to late, the works have already begun. 

The turn table pit is already filled with gravel.

The vegetation around it has been dealt with.

The interior has had some work done as well. 

I really enjoyed the enormity of the place.

This one is my favorite. :)

As you can probably see I like old abandoned "Empty Spaces". It sadness me when I see a place like this getting "destroyed", because a shopping mall sprouted nearby and everything gets leveled for parking spaces.

Clement Mumbles