torek, 13. januar 2015

Phase one complete...

 The day has finally come, my new camera arrived. I finally saved some money and bought myself a Nikon D5200. Now all I had to do was wait for some nice weather, and sure enough a sunny day came as well. A friend of mine recommended I take a walk near where he used to live. I did and I found this abandoned old saw mill.

I still have lots to learn, since I don’t have any experience with this sort of camera, but that won’t stop me. Also I updated my signature again.
I think this nice sunny day spent with my new camera, serves for a great introduction for a new chapter of my blog .

Clement Mumbles

petek, 02. januar 2015

Summer Flashback

I was looking through some old pictures when I noticed I didn't publish these on my blog yet. Since it's so cold outside I figured it's time for a summer flashback.

The past summer I revisited the Ruin with a view because my girlfriend loved the place so much. We noticed there were a couple of buildings we missed the first time we were there.

We also stopped at an abandoned gas station nearby and took some pictures there too.

PS: The quality is a bit off, only phone cameras were used. And I'm still trying to find a good signature and trying new things, so there might be some inconsistency there.

Clement Mumbles

sobota, 24. maj 2014

Something personal...

Its been a really long time since I posted here, but I've been working hard. I’m in need of updating my equipment and traveling to new locations is not money friendly for a student. I was preparing something special but it went sideways, maybe I will be able to do it at the end of summer if not, than the summer of 2015. For today I have something different, it’s more personal than any other post I did. It’s a house I once lived in, but due to family feuds we got “evicted”. It’s even more so personal for my parents. The sad part is, nobody lives there and the place is falling apart for 22 years now. One of the owners is using the house for garbage disposal, probably to lower its value so he can buy it from the others. I won’t go anymore in to detail so here are the photos.

This was the living room.

The kitchen.

The bedrooms.

No explanation needed.

But the neighbors had it worse.

I don't really have a favorite picture in this post.

Clement Mumbles

torek, 27. avgust 2013

All flights delayed

I didn't post for a while, I just couldn’t find the time to do so. But today I decided to drive to the old airfield. This very same airfield was used by Edvard Rusjan and his brother Josip Rusjan. Edvard is considered the Slovenian pioneer and airplane constructor. I could be lying but I think this was the same airfield Edvard made the first engine powered flight in 1909, that’s 6 years after the Wright brothers. Funny enough Edvard designed bicycles and loved to cycle when he was younger (The Wright brothers owned a bicycle shop). Now I knew that the building with the old control tower was abandoned for quite some time, and today I got myself to take a closer look.

First look of the building.

After I had enough of the outside, I decided to take a look on the inside. Some doors were missing so it wasn't hard to get in.

Green mold on the ceiling.

The green room.

Very natural curtains.

The oval office? :D

Pizza anyone?

A bathtub in the middle of, what I presume was a bar or a restaurant part of the building.

A metal spiral staircase to the old control tower.

I was a bit disappointed at the top, was hoping for some old electronics.

The spiral staircase from the top.

Old chair next to a chimney on the roof.

Now imagine my disappointment when I realize that this 5 meter tall statue is not depicting Edvard Rusjan but an Italian war hero, Prince Amedeo, Duke of Aosta.

Clement Mumbles