sobota, 24. maj 2014

Something personal...

Its been a really long time since I posted here, but I've been working hard. I’m in need of updating my equipment and traveling to new locations is not money friendly for a student. I was preparing something special but it went sideways, maybe I will be able to do it at the end of summer if not, than the summer of 2015. For today I have something different, it’s more personal than any other post I did. It’s a house I once lived in, but due to family feuds we got “evicted”. It’s even more so personal for my parents. The sad part is, nobody lives there and the place is falling apart for 22 years now. One of the owners is using the house for garbage disposal, probably to lower its value so he can buy it from the others. I won’t go anymore in to detail so here are the photos.

This was the living room.

The kitchen.

The bedrooms.

No explanation needed.

But the neighbors had it worse.

I don't really have a favorite picture in this post.

Clement Mumbles

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