torek, 27. avgust 2013

All flights delayed

I didn't post for a while, I just couldn’t find the time to do so. But today I decided to drive to the old airfield. This very same airfield was used by Edvard Rusjan and his brother Josip Rusjan. Edvard is considered the Slovenian pioneer and airplane constructor. I could be lying but I think this was the same airfield Edvard made the first engine powered flight in 1909, that’s 6 years after the Wright brothers. Funny enough Edvard designed bicycles and loved to cycle when he was younger (The Wright brothers owned a bicycle shop). Now I knew that the building with the old control tower was abandoned for quite some time, and today I got myself to take a closer look.

First look of the building.

After I had enough of the outside, I decided to take a look on the inside. Some doors were missing so it wasn't hard to get in.

Green mold on the ceiling.

The green room.

Very natural curtains.

The oval office? :D

Pizza anyone?

A bathtub in the middle of, what I presume was a bar or a restaurant part of the building.

A metal spiral staircase to the old control tower.

I was a bit disappointed at the top, was hoping for some old electronics.

The spiral staircase from the top.

Old chair next to a chimney on the roof.

Now imagine my disappointment when I realize that this 5 meter tall statue is not depicting Edvard Rusjan but an Italian war hero, Prince Amedeo, Duke of Aosta.

Clement Mumbles

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