ponedeljek, 13. maj 2013

Swallowed by nature

Once again I went for a walk with a camera. Initially this was the location I meant to go last week, but then the old house caught my eye. (Reminder: Looks can be deceiving) This however is a group of buildings near the spring of our local river. Some of them, I think were of military use and some of them of our local hydro electrical power plant. 

The first piece of the puzzle.

This is the second building nearby.

This is an old military structure.

The same, from another angle.

Once again I climb some ruined staircase.

Probably a kitchen.

Trees growing on the second floor. 

Another building hiding in the bushes.

And of course my Favorite for last. And I must say this is easily one of my favorite pictures so far on my blog.

Clement Mumbles

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