torek, 07. maj 2013

Looks can be deceiving

Weather is being a bitch lately (pardon my French). Anyway, I took a walk today and saw this old house and  decided to take a closer look. I've walked/drove past this house a lot of times before, but today I saw the front door was open, so I considered it as an invitation. Here is what I discovered inside.

As I enter, the first thing I see is, the whole thing is falling apart, I didn't assume it was in such bad condition.

First I discovered, what I presume is a kitchen.
In the next room there was just junk.

There was evidence of a fire on the ceiling.

This was in the next room. The red color on the saw table made me feel a bit uncomfortable. But It was just paint.

A staircase with no stairs.

Decided to take a look upstairs.

Wanted to get a closer look, but then I looked down...

...and I decided it was not safe since I could see through the floor.

Here is where things get strange.

A big piece of cloth hanging from the ceiling.

There was graffiti behind it.

Note this is the room above, where the ceiling was burnt by fire. I was walking as carefully as possible.

In the next room there was a lot of junk again.

The amount of plush animals was strange.

There were a lot of diapositives around. 

My favourite.

This one was quite a surprise for me. Never could I have imagined what was inside this old house. First impressions can be deceiving.

Clement Mumbles

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